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Transportation and Getting Around Europe. Flights, Train Tickets, Railway Passes and Car Rentals in Europe

Europe and European countries are one of the most traveler-friendly destinations world-wide. Depending on one’s budget and available time, there are all possible transportation options to choose from. Once arrived in Europe, one can choose from airplanes, fast trains, buses, ferries, car rental, taxis and even bicycles.

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Book Rail Passes & Railway Tickets Throughout Euorpe

Rail passes are also inexpensive and good choice, sometimes featuring ferry connections which are usually linked into the railways schedule. If you need any kind of tourist information or need help to get orientated find the “i” signs on the train stations for the local tourist information office.


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Low-cost carriers are amidst the most popular ways for flights within Europe and even sometimes might be cheaper than trains. One should check in advance, on which airports the low-cost flights are available and what are the transportation options from the airport to the city - usually there are regular shuttles and of course taxis. Most of these low-cost carriers are usually booked online, since they are concentrated on the less expensive prices.

Car rental is also a convenient option, particularly when more than one people are traveling together or for family trips. Renting a medium sized car or a vocational type vehicle can be also cheaper, more flexible and comfortable compared to traveling by trains, airplanes or buses.

Travelling by buses is usually the cheapest way to travel, and is sometimes the only way to reach very small and not so popular towns, villages and resorts.

Bicycles can be rented at main railway stations and at some hotels in the resorts in many countries but especially in Switzerland, Austria, France, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, etc.

For bigger cities the local public buses and trains are good option to cover the longer distances and one can simply stroll around the local major attractions. If planning to be in a city for several days, consider purchasing a travel card or pass, which can often be a lot cheaper overall.


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