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Belarus Trips - Tourist Information Hotels and Holiday Reservations


Belarus is situated at the boundary of Eastern Europe. Even though the country is located at the boundary of Eastern Europe, its culture is influenced by the Soviet Union. The people in Belarus are warm and filled with humor.  Most of the landscapes in Belarus are flat and have lots of marshy areas. In Belarus, there are many streams, rivers and lakes. There are also many cornflower fields and forests which tourists can explore. The villages, which have beautiful sceneries, are ideal getaways from the stresses in work. The local people are extremely helpful and hospitable towards the foreign tourists. The government of Belarus sponsors several festivities that occur annually. During the Independence Day, many crowds will gather together to watch to large fireworks display in Minsk. The restaurants serve slow cooked food Belarus cuisine which consists of pork, and breads. Rye breads are very common in Belarus. The people used to serve bread and salt to the visitors in Belarus.
Many areas in Belarus were destroyed by the World War II. As a result, there are few historical sites which tourists can visit. Despite that, the three cities of Belarus including Minsk, Brest and Vitsebsk offer a variety of entertainment and restaurants for the tourists. Belarus is famous for their national parks. There are two national parks in Belarus. The Belavezhskaya Pushcha National Park houses all kinds of animals including bison, the largest mammal in Europe. Pripyatsky National Park features birds from the wetlands. If you are an avid birdwatcher, you can visit the Pripyatsky National Park to observe the birds.


Useful Information About Belarus:

Capital of Belarus: Minsk
Area of Belarus: 207,600 km2
Belarus Population: ~ 10,293,011
Language: Belarusian, Russian (both official)
Currency: Belarusian ruble (BYB/BYR)
Time Zone UTC +2


Belarus Flag

Belarus Map

Belarus Tourist Attractions and Places of Interest:

Holy Spirit Cathedral, Minsk, Lenin Monument, The Belavezha national park, The Mir Castle, The Brest Fortress, Lida Castle.

Cities and resorts in Belarus we will provide with tourist information and hotel accommodation reservations:

Brest, Dudutki, Hrodna, Minsk, Njasvizh, Polatsk, Pripyatsky National Park, Vitsebsk.

Belarus National Library


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