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Macedonia, also called Republic of Macedonia is situated in the Balkan Peninsula. The country is landlocked by four countries including Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and Albania. The main tourist attraction in Macedonia is the natural landscape. The natural landscape in Macedonia consists of lakes, and mountains. If you are looking for a vacation to ease your daily stress, you should visit Macedonia. After viewing the beautiful scenery, you will be relaxed and relieved from your stresses.
The Sts. Cyril & Methodius alphabets are developed by the Saint Clement & Saint Naum at Macedonia. Later, the Sts. Cyril & Methodius alphabets were developed into Cyrillic script. The first university of Cyrillic script, called Slavic University is located in Macedonia.
Every part of Macedonia offers an insight into the history of the country. If you want, you can visit the ancient towns and view the rubbles of the buildings that are caused by the wars. In addition, Macedonia has many Orthodox churches and monasteries which tourists can explore.
The restaurants in Macedonia offer the Macedonian cuisine for the customers. The food in Macedonian cuisine is similar to the food served in the Balkans region. Macedonian cuisines has all kinds of food such as appetizer,salads, deserts, meat and fish. The fish dishes are called skara in Macedonia.


Useful Information About Macedonia:

Capital of Macedonia: Skopje
Area of Macedonia: 25,713 km2
Macedonia Population: ~ 2022547
Language: Macedonian
Macedonian Currency: Denar (MKD)
Time Zone UTC +1


Macedonia Flag

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Macedonia Tourist Attractions and Places of Interest:

Ohrid's Old Town, In and Around New Skopje, Monastery of St. Naum of Ohrid, Old Skopje Bazaar, Kale Fortress, Old Stone Bridge, Sveti Spas, Kursumli An (Lead Inn), Mustafa Pasha Mosque, Millennium Cross.

Cities and resorts in Macedonia we will provide with tourist information and hotel accommodation reservations:

Bitola, Ohrid, Skopje, Tetovo.

Ohrid Lake


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