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Norway is situated on both - western and northern parts of the Scandinavian Peninsula, and the country also includes the arctic island archipelago Svalbard and Jan Mayen.
On east Norway borders with Sweden, Finland and Russia and on the west of the country are the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. North of Norway is the Barents Sea and south of the Scandinavian country is the North Sea.
The Norwegian territory covers 386958 km2, including Svalbard and Jan Mayen and 323877 km2  without them. Norway has a coastline of 2650 kilometers, but if the length of all fingers of the fjords is included it would be around ten times longer. The eastern and western parts of the Norwegian territory are divided by the Langfjellene mountain range. Norway is a constitutional monarchy with 4552252 residents, has a population density of 11,7 per square kilometers and its capital - Oslo has around 512000 inhabitants.
The country, known as the Land of the Midnight Sun offers its visitors with truly unique experience. The magnificent scenery of scrub-covered islands, snowy peaks, and glacier-born fjords create one of the most beautiful and majestic country sides across the globe.
The name Norway (Norge & Noreg in Norwegian) is comes from the term “Norvegr”, which means “the way to the north”. This term was once used by the Vikings some one thousand years ago to describe the shipping route along the west coast of the country.
Norway with its steep fjords, rivers full of salmon, majestic glaciers and mountains, and beautiful meadows offers countless tourist attractions, all worth exploring. Of course the highlights for the tourists are the shimmering aurora borealis (northern lights) in the winter and the midnight sun during the summer. The country also offers excellent opportunities for skiing, mountain climbing, fishing (Alta, Fjord Fishing, Suldalslågen), hiking (Besseggen Ridge, Lofoten Fishing Villages, Preikestolen) as well as some great cruises. For the nature lovers there are magnificent wildlife watching such as Dovrefjell National Park, The Puffins of Vaerøy and Rondane Nasjonalpark.


Useful Information About Norway:

Norwegian Capital: Oslo
Area of Norway: 323877 km2
Norway Population: 4552252
Language: Norwegian
Norwegian Currency: Kroner (NOK)


Norwegian Flag Norway

Norway Map

Norway Tourist Attractions and Places of Interest:

Regions in Norway:

East Central Norway, Jostedal Glacier Area, Northern Norway, Oslofjord, Southern Norway, West Coast Fjord Country

The Best Cruises in Norway:

Sognefjord, Coastal Steamer to the North Cape, Oslofjord, Telemark Canal.

Best Museums of Norway:

Viking Ship Museum (Oslo), Det Hanseatiske Museum (Bergen), Edvard Munch Museum (Oslo), Vigelandsparken (Oslo), Norwegian Folk Museum (Oslo).

Best Ski Resorts & Cross-Country Skiing Areas in Norway:

Lillehammer, Geilo, Voss, Peer Gynt Ski Area, Lillehammer.

Aurora Borealis Midnight Sun

Cities and resorts in Norway we will provide with tourist information and hotel accommodation reservations:

Alesund, Alta, Andalsnes, Arendal, Balestrand, Bergen, Bodo, Eidfjord, Fjaerland, Flam, Fredrikstad, Geilo, Geirangerfjord, Halden, Hamar, Hammerfest, Honningsvag, Karasjok, Kinsarvik, Kongsberg, Kristiansand S, Kristiansund, Larvik, Lillehammer, Lofthus, Lom, Mo i Rana, Molde, Narvik, Oslo, Roros, Sandefjord, Skien, Stavanger, Tonsberg, Tromso, Trondheim, Ulvik, Utne, Vinstra, Voss

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