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Russia! - the largest country on the globe, the biggest supplier of natural gas and 2nd-biggest oil producer; a country with the longest railroads in the world, busiest subway system (Moscow subway), boasting one of the deepest, largest, and oldest lakes - Baikal in Siberia. Russia even boasts some great beach resorts on its Black Sea coast.
What the Russia lacks in climatic conditions and warmth, Russians compensate with their endless generosity and jocular hospitality. The past decade has been hard for most of the Russian people, but this has only sharpened their skills for adaptation. Nowadays, Russian university graduates are some of the best students in the world and the country enjoys not only a number of business travellers, but more and more holidaymakers desiring to explore the rich cultural heritage of Russia and its natural tourist attractions.
There is truly a lot for visitors to experience only in Russia's 2 most popular cities – Moscow and St. Petersburg. The long traditions of the Bolshoi Theater coexist with the best DJs and most popular artists of the Old Continent. World class restaurants, star-fashion, lively industry, stores and fairs for billionaires, mixed with the unpretending daily life of the common people - that’s Moscow today. The Hermitage Museum is a castle of fine art from around the globe and nearby the Russian Museum overflows with works by Russian artists since ancient times. Discover Russia's contributions to the exploration of the space by taking trip to the space shuttle in Gorky Park or touring the Cosmonautics Museum.


Useful Information About Russia:

Russian Capital: Moscow
Area of Russia: ~17 000 000 km2
Russia Population: 142008838
Language: Russian
Currency: Rouble (RUB)


Russia Flag

Russia Map

Russia Tourist Attractions and Places of Interest:

Architectural Landmarks in Russia:

The Kremlin (Moscow), Moscow's Metro Stations (Moscow), Palace Square (St. Petersburg), Kolomenskoye museum reserve (Moscow), Stalin Gothic Skyscrapers (Moscow).

Kremlin Moscow

Best Museums in Russia:

State Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg), Literary Museums (Moscow and St. Petersburg), Armory Museum (Moscow, Kremlin), Museum of Cosmonautics (Moscow), Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), Peter and Paul Fortress (St. Petersburg).

St Petersburg

Great Views of Russia:

Lookout Point at Sparrow Hills (Moscow), The Sail Up to the Petrodvorets Palace (Peterhof), Resurrection Gate Entrance to Red Square (Moscow), Strelka (St. Petersburg).

Red Square Moscow

Best Souvenirs to Buy in Russia:

Nesting Dolls (Matryoshka), Stones from Siberia, Linens, Vodka, Lacquer Boxes.

St Basils Chapel


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