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San Marino Trips - Tourist Information Hotels and Holiday Reservations

San Marino

Annually crowds of tourists from around the world come to visit San Marino, a remarkable point to enjoy the beautiful countryside. Some striking views of Upper Marecchia Valley, with its majestic fortress of San Leo and Mount Carpegna can be observed from the top of Mountain Titano. Also the stunning landscapes of the Adriatic coast that stretches from Ravenna to Gabicce Mare are not to be missed. People even say that on absolutely clear days, one can see the coast of Croatia, which is the homeland of the founder Saint Marinus.  
There numerous places of interest in San Marino and its old city center - the State Museum, the 3 Fortresses across the mount, the Church of the Cappuccini, the Church of San Pietro, with the beds of Saints Marinus and Leo, the Basilica of the Saint, the Church of San Francesco with the nearby art gallery. Strolling through the narrow winding streets of San Marino can be also very pleasant - medieval houses, beautiful hanging gardens, obelisks.
Situated in the heart of Italy, San Marino is the oldest Republic in the world having 1700 years of history behind it.

Guaita Castle

Useful Information About San Marino:

Capital of San Marino: San Marino
San Marino Area: 61 km2
Population of San Marino: 30368
Language: Italian
Currency: Euro
Repubblica di San Marino


San Marino Flag

San Marino Map

San Marino Tourist Attractions and Places of Interest:

Basilica, Government Palace, St Francis Church, Chiesa di San Francesco, Cesta Fortress, Guaita Fortress, State Museum, Huntington Library, Art Collections, Botanical Gardens, Palazzo Pubblico San Marino, La Rocca San Marino, The Montale San Marino, San Marino Car Museum, San Marino Church of the Cappuccini, Church of San Pietro in San Marino,  Coin and Stamp Museum in San Marino,  Museo Ippocrate, San Marino St Francis' Museum,  San Marino Wax Museum, San Marino The Pyramid, San Marino Traditional Crafts Exhibition.



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