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Our mission at Europe Trips is to provide visitors with detailed tourist information and travel guide for Europe as a travel destination itself, as well as for the particular European countries of Albania trips, Andorra trips, Austria trips, Belarus trips, Belgium trips, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria trips, Croatia trips, Cyprus trips, Czech Republic trips, Denmark trips, England trips (United Kingdom trips), Estonia trips, Faroe Islands trips, Finland trips, France trips, Germany trips, Greece trips, Hungary trips, Iceland trips, Ireland trips, Italy trips, Latvia trips, Liechtenstein trips, Lithuania trips (Lietuva trips), Luxembourg trips, Macedonia trips, Malta trips, Moldova trips, Monaco trips, Norway trips, Poland trips, Portugal trips, Romania trips, Russia trips, San Marino trips, Scotland trips, Serbia trips, Montenegro trips, Slovakia trips, Slovenia trips, Spain trips, Sweden trips, Switzerland trips, The Netherlands trips (Holland trips), Turkey trips, Ukraine trips.


Now we feature detailed tourist information and travel guide for these countries' best holiday resorts, cities, most popular attractions and places of interest. Hotel reservations for entire Europe (EU +), flight bookings, train tickets and passes - everything you need for your trip to Europe. Enjoy your vacation or business trip in Europe with!


European Ski Resorts Snow Levels, Skiing Conditions and Weather Reports. Europe's Glacial Resorts Ski Season 2019 / 2020 Trips.

Naturally, most of the ski destinations across Europe are for the upcoming season.

FRANCE: Les Duex Alpes (21 lifts running) is resort will offering snow sports is in great shape.

ITALY: Both Passo Stelvio (6 lifts turning) and Cervinia (15 lifts spinning) are closed for skiing and snowboarding in the country. The snow base as always is stable and one can have some good fun.
The resort of Val Senales will join them during the coming months.

SCANDINAVIA (NORWAY, FINLAND & SWEDEN): Most of our featured Scandinavian resorts are now closed for skiing and snowboarding.
Norwegian ski destinations of Galdhøppigen Sommerskisenter (1 lift) and Fonna Glacier Ski Resort will providing snow sports.

SCOTLAND: Resorts are closed in Scotland for snow sports.

GERMANY: All German resorts we report on are closed.
The following indoor skiing areas will offering snowsports:
Snow Dome Bispingen at Lueneburg Heath;
Bottrop (alpincenter) at Ruhr area;
Wittenburg (alpincenter Hamburg-Wittenburg) - Mecklenburg-Vorpommern;
Neuss - Jever Fun Ski Hall

ANDORRA: The Andorran ski season will continue with winter 2019/2020.

AUSTRIA & SWITZERLAND: The ski resorts in both countries are closed, will offer the ideal conditions for snow sports in the winter.

Our different offer of tourist places in Europe

Events in Paris - 2019

Fair in Tyulers, June - August

Jardin des Tuileries / Every year the fans of the traditional fair with many entertainments: ghost trains, mirrored goblets, trampolines, giant slides, stalls, fairgrounds. The Tyulei's Palace dates back to 1564. Here are the statues of Artistide Maillol, Auguste Roden and Alberto Giacometti.

Shakespeare Theater in Frenc , May - September

Verdure du Jardin The open-air theater in the Boulogne Forest is a favorite summer experience for a quarter of a century. In the theater of the Tower you will see mostly plays by William Shakespeare and more contemporary musical and dance programs. The puddle is on a romantic lawn among flowering flowers, mentioned in the plays of the great Englishman. Near the theater, sensation is also the 200-year-old purple beechwood.

Bastille Day - July 14, 2019

Celebrate French freedom with the Champs-Elysées parade, the patriotic processions, the impressive fireworks and the special menu of the day.

The D'Orsay Museum has the first place among the museums in the world by 2018 according to the tourists' ranking. Well arranged, you can choose periods and authors. The accompanying cultural programs, festivals, concerts, performances make it a particularly attractive place. yearly. It brings together the largest collection of impressionist authors.
Real fun are awaiting you to live in the summer with your kids in both the parks near Disneyland and Walt Disney Studio. The first is to launch a space rocket into the pirates' underworld. In the second, you will find out how to make your favorite your animations. There are plenty of food, affordable souvenirs, relaxation spots.

Britain attracts the traveler and places that are mysterious. For Loch Ness Lake we continue to believe that there is a terrible water monster in it. The legend of King Arthur is still puzzling to mystery today. In Tintagel Castle and the nearby Cornwell Cave believes that the martyr Merlin lived. The followers of the Knights of the Round Table and King Arthur are gathered annually in his honor at the Glastonbury Festival. According to legends, the Holy Grail and the remains of King Arthur and his beloved are hidden here. Unusual occasion for the summer impressed of old England.

Another unusual place for visitors is the garden of Castleing Castle in County Kent. Sacquil-West is a writer and journalist who in 1930 with her husband, a diplomat, designs astounding thematic gardens around her mansion. World famous for her is the White Garden, impressive are the mossy roses, the exotic plants and herbal collection. October. Cottage Cottage can not be overlooked either.

Harry Potter Walking Tour 2019, Scotland

The magic influence of Harry Potter culture still goes on. The excitement of finding out more details related to the novel seems unstoppable. If you join the Harry Potter tour in Edinburg not only will you immerse in the setting of the novel but will learn curious facts related to the story and their author. You will be able to see the Hogwarts school, to learn more about the main character's biography, about Lord Voldemort and to experience for yourself the ambience of the cafes and the hotel where the renowned author was inspired to write the story. The tour also provides short adventurous walks with games and quizzes where adolescents can acquire new knowledge.
The Real King's Close is another tourist attraction where the participants walk along old streets frozen in time. Some of them date back from 16th century and are haunted by ghosts.
Another suggestion, this time without a mystery involved, is the National Museum of Scotland, the Art gallery, the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburg and of course Loch Ness .

HarryPotter&Warner Bros, Studio Tour - London

Despite its high prices the tour enjoys good popularity. Having bought a ticket for a particular date you become a member of a mysterious 7 hour adventure held in English which finishes at the Victoria Underground Station.

The British Museum in London attracts as many as 6 million tourists. The range of the exhibits is virtually infinite. One can find anything there, Assyrian treasures, Egyptian mommies, African collections, decorative art, medals, prints, you name it. There are more than 4 million objects exhibited online. For other exhibitions and events going on at the time of your stay in London booking in advance is more than necessary. You can take part in family seminars or workshops using the latest digital equipment at Samsung Digital Discovery Centre. For more details:

The London Pass is a sightseeing city card enabling tourists to see London's most emblematic places including Windsor Castle, Saint Paul's Cathedral, London Tower, Tower Bridge, saving the tourists both time and money. The card also grants its possessors with price reductions while doing shopping or having a meal. For accommodation matters visit:

Belmond Le Manoir Aux Quat Saisons , "The Four Season's Castle" is a castle with 5 century history. It blends French culinary excellence with the British interior of a house out of town. It is frequented by European celebrities as well as by Sidney and LA elite. It is only 64km away from London and is open all year-round.

Stratford - upon - Avon (The Shakespeare's town) The best time for the theatre season is March through October. Millions of tourists come here every year to see the place where the most genius playwright lived and composed his plays. You will be better off should you buy a combination ticket ensuring you visit to seven museum houses, a theatre, and shops offering tempting sales. Royal Shakespeare Company sets up the main annual events. For the privilege to see a Shakespeare's play you should book your tickets months in advance. Some of the plays are adapted to sound in a more modern way just so they are easily absorbed.

Trekking routes - if not in the summer

Camino de Santiago - the path of pilgrimage remains a challenge for those who are adventurous or believing. If you arrive by plane in Madrid, then you reach Seville and Valladolid by the provinces of Leon, then you will take the French route as your destination is to get to Saagun.322 kilometers you will travel for ten days. Depends on your pace of travel. The hills of Sierra de Guadarrama, Puerto de Fuen- fria and Segovia is a relatively difficult road and there are not many options for comfortable recreation. Then follow sands and pine forests, where it is more pleasant.To sleep at the hostel it is advisable to make a reservation in advance, the price is symbolic.There is a possibility for a more luxurious recreation if you deviate from the original route. Marking is excellent. The experience is unpredictable with the surprises of meetings, situations, forecasts

With a one-week food festival between 11 and 18 August in San Sebastian, Spain, the Basques celebrate Virgin Mary's Day. For races, musical fireworks, an abundance of local specialties, a light show are an addition to the resort's local attractions.

A large party in honor of Verbena de la Paloma, Madrid-August 2019

The abundance of food, games, dances, concerts, competitions, and festivities represent the look of Spain. The other person can be found in the 44 museums: the Royal Museum, the Museum of America, Reina Sofia, Prado, Thyssen.
Other offers from Spain, see

Glamping holiday is modern, comfortable, preferred lately. Here are offers for relaxation in the nature. In the Canary Islands Lanzarote Retreats is a tourist complex of wood and stone with yurts and villas that use energy from the sun and the wind. Nearby is the little-lived beach of Arieta . reehotel, Sweden is a gliding resort to the village of Harads. Here everything is made of wood, the sauna also. The cuisine is regional, with the advantage of wild game meat. Unique place.

In Nuchshaara village next to the capital Bucharest in Romania has recently emerged a unique, comfortable place "Ursa Mica" Glamping Resort ". You can take organized tourism in the Carpathian Mountains and cycling trekking.

EYOWF - Summer, July 21-27, 2019

Next summer the round of EYOWF takes place in Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan. The sports disciplines are as follows: Athletics,Basketball,Cycling,Handball,Judo,Swimming,Tennis,Wrestling. Tourists will have a golden chance to explore Baku, The City of the winds, which boasts many places and sites recognized by UNESCO. The most iconic one is The Fire Temple Of Baku, which was used as a Hindu, Sikh and Zoroastrian place of worship. The ensemble of three skyscrapers, called Flame Towers provides a stunning sight too.

Oslo, Norway - 2019

No matter how you arrive in Oslo, you should definitely take your time to visit one of the most popular tourist attractions, The Vigeland Sculpture Park. There you will be amazed by the 200 sculptures in bronze, granite and wrought iron made by a single artist, Gustav Vigeland. The Viking Ship Museum, the Oslo Cathedral, the National Theatre and the Royal Palace are another must-see places whose existence alone contributes immensely to creating the unique urban look of the Norway capital.

2019 Offers On Now

World Bodypainting fest - July 11th - July 13th, 2019, Klaugenfurt am Worthersee,Austria

Designers and bodypainting culture fans meet at Goethepark. Artists from 40 countries and many fans take part in this cool event. Workshops on make-up, special effects, photo sessions are set up prior to the beginning. The fest opens with a vernissage The Magic Angle by the world-famous bodypainting artist Johannes Stoetter. The Art Of Make-up is a conference including number of displays, fashion shows, music, and culinary. Carinhian Museum Of Modern Art partners the event. For further information:

Dating Festival-in Clar County, Ireland - 30 August-29 September, 2019

Lisdoonvarna is a place on the Irish Wild Atlantic Way. The musical event gathers over 50,000 people each September to find their half. Willie Daley from Barmaker Bar with his "light hand" has played dozens, otherwise the festival offers a good time in dances and music. There are horse racing, country music, good food and mood.

Gliffs of Moher -2019

A true adventure is the trip to the remarkable, fearsome rocks of Mohair, the Atlantic Ocean. The Cornelius O'Brien fortress tower will hardly give you a better view of the islands and the mountains around. In the new tourist center for interpretation with its digital presentations, will give you more than the "living" encounter with the raging huge waves of the ocean and the wind. Walking along the old path to the top is a bold, unsafe venture. You are welcome and safe to be accommodated in County Clare's nearby hotels. Details of long stay, please specify on the site: tourist-information-irish-resorts-hotels-accommodation.html

New experiences in old Europe!

Toursim in Ireland



Europe Skiing Holidays 2019 / 2020

European ski holiday spots are of various choices nowadays. France, Switzerland, Austria, Andorra and Italy were the only options for ski holidays few years ago. Now there are numerous choices available. The places having snow will have ski points. There are numerous choices for resorts available at Europe; the skier can choose his or her choice according to the spot or his boarding ability. Ski chalets are the most popular type of accommodation, European resorts accommodation standard is usually very high. The popularity of countries like Norway, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Sweden and Slovenia has increased nowadays. Alpine ski areas are alternated now by these countries. In case of a skiing holiday Europeans have skewed priorities in case of skiing holidays nowadays. Choice of food is very important, ski and snowboarding is the third priority. The skiing spot makes Europe a very great destination. Apart from snowboarding there is also a good chance to take in some incredible European culture, animated nightlife and take the wonderful food. Though there are numerous ski options found in Europe. The Alps is the most popular, it spans the Mediterranean coast in France through Northern Italy, Austria, Switzerland and into Slovenia. Endless runs are offered by skiing in Europe on a huge vertical. Cable cars help in admiring the spectacular scenery of the giant mountains from the slopes. Skiing from village to a village and country to a country is made common. The quaint old-world villages offer opportunities for a hot cocoa chocolate, beer or wine. An essential part is the long lunches and good food in this culture. It is good to shop around for good deals. The packages are offered in many companies at a different rate, at times more cheap than the others. We should not forget to ask for ski passes inclusion in the package since some passes may be expensive.
Skiing is considered being a famous sport and recreation comes with a package of delight for the Europeans. Their prime interest is food, then après which refer to socializing after skiing and then only comes actual skiing. The availability of all the above three makes Europe undoubtedly the best location for skiing also known as snowboarding. Europe has abundant ski options among which The Alps is preferred the most. It runs through the western coast of France into Switzerland then covering parts of Italy on the north, Austria and finally at Slovenia. The mountains are majestic and offer an endless run on the vertical. The marvelous scenery can be looked at with pleasure from the slopes. Skiing from one village to the other is common and is sometimes across countries in some places. The antique villages provide chance to take in some incredible European culture, experience the joy of après and the delightful nightlife, and eat delicious food. In the Alps, it is custom that skiers often stop at bars on their last run of the day still wearing their ski gear. The French habitants in the mountain regions are very friendly, that increases pleasure to the adventurous experience. Massive terrains with steep slopes are found in Chamonix were lies the highest peak of European continent, The Mont Blanc. But in Switzerland, it is mostly about the socializing with people. There are flairs and mountain views with serene villages. The après is not much entertained in Switzerland, but not to worry there’s still nightlife. In Italy the time spent is more on wine and food, but it also adds to the great slopes. Their culture is kind which provides harmony. Austria is the birth place of alpine skiing and it is being practiced to perfection. It offers pleasant holidays which are set as benchmark for all other countries.

European Trips & Tours 2019

Tour to Europe: A Memorable Travel Sojourn

Browse great European City Breaks and holidays. Check the pricing and book online.
Spending holidays in Europe was once considered to be not only a way of perfect enjoyment but also of revisiting history. For most westerners, the world consists of Europe and North America and to a small extent their colonies. That the globe consists of 5 continents is either not known or ignored. True, Europe, apart from being highly industrialized and prosperous is dotted with hundreds of places of historical and mythological interest. It is therefore no wonder that even though there are more attractive places for tourists in the countries of Asia and Africa, Europe has a special attraction. Strangely, this is the case with most Asians and Africans also.
European countries without exception see to it that all their places of tourist interest are well maintained and provided with infrastructure, like accessibility, good hotels, efficient transport system and professional guides. But, it is a very costly endeavor and an average person can visit and spend at best a few days at 3 or 4 select places in one or two countries. Budget tours are possible but they are also quite expensive and become quite crowded. The introduction of Euro seems to have had an adverse effect on the real value of the currencies of different countries.
Tourists generally have two or three types of destination while going on a holiday tour in Europe. The most favored time is between spring and winter, but it will be the most expensive. The less expensive period of winter is more suitable for people who enjoy winter sports and can spend time at ski resorts in the mountains of Europe. The second types of tourist would like to visit cities and see places of historical interest and museum, art galleries. The more sophisticated will opt for enjoying the theatre, music, concerts, and Phil Harmonic Orchestras. As an example, prominent places in a place like London are, Buckingham Palace, The Houses of Parliament, and Hyde Park etc. People visiting Spain and Portugal may like to see bull fight. Similarly Eiffel Tower in Paris is a great attraction for tourists. Elaborate tourist literature from all countries is available and you can plan your holiday tour according to your budget.
Advance planning is essential for any holiday planned in Europe. Booking all air tickets and also buying a Eurail Pass will greatly reduce worries regarding travel. Advance booking of air tickets will also save a lot of money. One good feature of all European tourist centers is that they all have very good economy hotels providing you with clean and safe stay and good food which is not very costly. However, everything should be well planned in advance. It is learnt that in some resorts you can cook your food avoiding expensive foods from outside. For details, see:
After formation of the European Union in which most European countries have common visa called Schengen Visa. This visa enables you to travel within all the countries of Europe without being stopped at the border posts, and is valid, whatever be the mode of your travel. Schengen application is available on line and can be submitted to nearest embassy of any European Union country along with the requisite fee and documents. This process takes at least 3 months, therefore planning well ahead for European holiday tour is essential.

Pictures From Europe 2019

Spain islands

Eiffel Tower
Summer in Paris

The beautiful nature of Scotland


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