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Our mission at Europe Trips is to provide visitors with detailed tourist information and travel guide for Europe as a travel destination itself, as well as for the particular European countries of Albania trips, Andorra trips, Austria trips, Belarus trips, Belgium trips, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria trips, Croatia trips, Cyprus trips, Czech Republic trips, Denmark trips, England trips (United Kingdom trips), Estonia trips, Faroe Islands trips, Finland trips, France trips, Germany trips, Greece trips, Hungary trips, Iceland trips, Ireland trips, Italy trips, Latvia trips, Liechtenstein trips, Lithuania trips (Lietuva trips), Luxembourg trips, Macedonia trips, Malta trips, Moldova trips, Monaco trips, Norway trips, Poland trips, Portugal trips, Romania trips, Russia trips, San Marino trips, Scotland trips, Serbia trips, Montenegro trips, Slovakia trips, Slovenia trips, Spain trips, Sweden trips, Switzerland trips, The Netherlands trips (Holland trips), Turkey trips, Ukraine trips.


Now we feature detailed tourist information and travel guide for these countries' best holiday resorts, cities, most popular attractions and places of interest. Hotel reservations for entire Europe (EU +), flight bookings, train tickets and passes - everything you need for your trip to Europe. Enjoy your vacation or business trip in Europe with!


European Ski Resorts Snow Levels, Skiing Conditions and Weather Reports. Europe's Glacial Resorts Ski Season 2020 Trips.

FRANCE: Tignes / Val d'Isere / - winter season: - to May 2020
The resort has the highest rating. There are 300 km of runways between the two resorts. 79 lifts will work perfectly for you. The Grande Motte glacier (3100 m) is a year-round glacier track. From the cameras of the Tourist Office, keep a close eye on the snowy environment.

Alpe d'Huez (Grand Domaine) Ski Resort - winter season: - up to April 26, 2020
In the 5th largest ski area of France, you will enjoy a variety of sports activities: helicopter flights, snowshoes, ice rinks, ice climbing, ice riding, swimming in heated outdoor pools, sledding with dogs. For seasonal snow levels, check out the information on websites in the region.

Sherre Chevalier - Winter Season: -until 19 April 2020
A Current Resort .And For What?The Les Ecrin National Park is the paradoxical combination of snow and sun, high altitude Mediterranean climate. It will satisfy even the most discerning tastes and performances. In the centuries-old forests, have a barbecue, grill, in the picnic areas equipped on the terraces. Spa services are at an exceptional height.

ITALY: Cervinia - The season has expired.

Val Gardena - winter season:- until 14.04.2020
175 km. Ski and snowboard trails, spacious terrain in 4 zones, 81 lifts. There are high sledges on the slope. On the slope of Piz Sella the pleasure is twofold: from sports and non-standard entertainment.

San Pellegrino - high and low season until 01/06/2020;
San Pellegrino and Falcade and Alpe Lucy are part of the great Dolomites ski area with 12 ski resorts. The neighboring resorts of Civetta, Arabba / Marmolada, Val di Fiemme are also not to be underestimated. For details, see:

SCANDINAVIA (NORWAY, FINLAND & SWEDEN): Norway ,Oslo, Winter Park - Cross-country skiing is challenging because sometimes the slopes are steep and bumpy. The illuminated ski areas and the free Spikersuppa outdoor ice rink, however, extend the enjoyment of your stay. Beitostolen is another place for night skiing, motorbikes and husky skiing. Details:

Sweden-Are It is a popular northern resort.There are 100 runways and 41 lifts.There are direct flights from London. In the year 2021, A're, together with O''stersund, will host Special Olympics World Winter Games. Try the comfort of local hostels, cafes, bakeries. Swimming pools, yoga saunas and all the spa you think of.

Salen with its 6 ski resorts and is another preferred place for a family vacation with competitive sports attractions.

SCOTLAND: Glenshee, Aberdeenshire

36 runs, 22 lifts, winter season to April. Budget offers are up-to-date with last minute bookings. Winter sports conditions can be monitored live from webcams in the 5 ski centers of Scotland: Glenshee, The Lecht, Nevis Range, Glensoe, Caingorm Resort. Variable weather conditions remain a problem, so it is imperative that you be informed in advance of the weather forecast. Rely on:

GERMANY: Garmisch –Partenkirchen are most famous for winter sports lovers .47 miles are downhill runs. The resort is an hour from Munich.

Zugspitze - The season is to May 2020.For the snowboarders in the park is more than fun.13 miles are downhill the trails.

ANDORRA: Grandvalira - The ski area is always with guaranteed snow, despite the large number of skiers, there is no waiting for a lift, the high-performance facilities have incredible capacity. The area has a good reputation among the Pyrenees freestylers.For skiers middle class, the organization, servicing and the exquisite meal in Andorra are excellent.The Hibernation Universe Festival has a unique atmosphere and is set to happen between April 3rd and April 5th, 2020. For upcoming promotions and performers, see:

AUSTRIA & SWITZERLAND: Hintertux, Austria - to 08 May 2020.The glacier is open all year round. Ischgl,Kitzbu'hel Austria - until May 01, 2020;

Davos Klosters, Switz and Grindelwald, Switz - until April 19, 2020;

Zermatt, Switz- The Gornergrat and Rothorrn glacier areas are open year round.

Poland, Zakopane - The 5 ski areas, stress free, will give you your first lessons if you are a beginner. Bialka Tatrzanska is for the more experienced. Free buses will take you to there and to other ski areas.

Slovenia, Kranjska Gora - The resort is near to Ljubljana. With enough extras,the amenities makes it competitive enough at the Italian resorts.It is preferred by budget travelers who expect culinary and other pleasures during their vacation.


The Christmas markets in Berlin, Vienna and Paris are the busiest and crowded, between November 25 and January 2020. Among the grandest in Berlin is the Gendarmenmarkt, between the towers of the French and German churches, many tents and festive stalls, music scenes collapsed and mood-warming dances. re are unique winter markets outside the capital: Charlottenburg Castle, Sony Center and Postdamet Platz, at the Geda''chichtkirche in Europe Center, Spandau.The Lucia Market follows the Scandinavian traditions of the Christmas celebration. with saffron.

Tollwood Winterfesival in Munich - November - December, 2019

The festival is not only an exhibition of crafts, arts, goods, delicacies, but also a market for ideas, debates, informs on social, environmental topics, theater performances give us cultural challenges. he New Year's party includes organic food of choice, music, drama, cabaret fireworks and the Midnight Waltz tradition. For details:

Cologne Carnival February 20-28, 2020

There are more than 160 carnival communities here that are part of the carnival tradition.The holidays actually begin on November 11 at 11:11 am. The rulers of the carnival-prince, peasant and girl, perform the New Year's balls on stage. The street carnival during the "crazy days" is a pillar of marching, singing and dancing cheerful and joyful people, they are everywhere, in the pubs, on the streets in the halls. Koln has many museums and galleries, including the renowned Museum of Flavors. The Koln Hostel is for budget tourists, with a large buffet of varied food. It's close to Neumarkt.

Switzerland, Gstaad - January 17-19, 2020

The Snow Bike Festival is a high-grade attraction for racers and the public. The parties rehabilitate winners, losers and spectators.

Sweden, Kiruna Snow Festival – 2020

In the last weekend of January, winter is celebrated here with snow sculptures, exhibitions, concerts, church music, a craft fair, drawings, figure skating, dog sleds, a snowman or woman race, rock bands warm the mood, the culmination of the dream is international , an ice sculpture that attracts artists from around the world.

Italy, Catania - Festa di Santa Agata - flamboyant fireworks, street parties between 03 and 05 February 2020; in March 2020 is the Carnival di Viareggio; Ivrea Carnavale is between 22 and 25 February.

Venice Carnival -08-25 February 2020

The San Marco Square at that time brought to life the past, with masquerade processions and balls. Fairy-tale characters, mystical creatures, royalty and couples. If you rent a costume, you will also participate in the event. For hotel inquiries:

Art routes in Europe

Paris - Leonardo da Vinci in the Louvre - from October 24, 2019 to February 24, 2020

For example, 500 years after the death of the unsurpassed Italian, a vast and large-scale collection of works by a genius is dedicated to the exhibition. The one-of-a-kind exhibition includes paintings by the Louvre and occupied by foreign galleries.

Netherlander,Amsterdam-Rijksmuseum presents Rembrandt-Velazquez, between 11 October and 19 January 2020;

England,Oxford-Ashmolian Museum- "Young Rembrandt" -27 February 2020- 07 June 2020

France,Lemon Festival, Menton - February 15 - March 03, 2020

A fabulous event with great ingenuity, prepared citrus parades and exhibitions bring a local spring mood. See event displays at Jardin Bioves.


Europe Skiing Holidays 2020

European ski holiday spots are of various choices nowadays. France, Switzerland, Austria, Andorra and Italy were the only options for ski holidays few years ago. Now there are numerous choices available. The places having snow will have ski points. There are numerous choices for resorts available at Europe; the skier can choose his or her choice according to the spot or his boarding ability. Ski chalets are the most popular type of accommodation, European resorts accommodation standard is usually very high. The popularity of countries like Norway, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Sweden and Slovenia has increased nowadays. Alpine ski areas are alternated now by these countries. In case of a skiing holiday Europeans have skewed priorities in case of skiing holidays nowadays. Choice of food is very important, ski and snowboarding is the third priority. The skiing spot makes Europe a very great destination. Apart from snowboarding there is also a good chance to take in some incredible European culture, animated nightlife and take the wonderful food. Though there are numerous ski options found in Europe. The Alps is the most popular, it spans the Mediterranean coast in France through Northern Italy, Austria, Switzerland and into Slovenia. Endless runs are offered by skiing in Europe on a huge vertical. Cable cars help in admiring the spectacular scenery of the giant mountains from the slopes. Skiing from village to a village and country to a country is made common. The quaint old-world villages offer opportunities for a hot cocoa chocolate, beer or wine. An essential part is the long lunches and good food in this culture. It is good to shop around for good deals. The packages are offered in many companies at a different rate, at times more cheap than the others. We should not forget to ask for ski passes inclusion in the package since some passes may be expensive.
Skiing is considered being a famous sport and recreation comes with a package of delight for the Europeans. Their prime interest is food, then après which refer to socializing after skiing and then only comes actual skiing. The availability of all the above three makes Europe undoubtedly the best location for skiing also known as snowboarding. Europe has abundant ski options among which The Alps is preferred the most. It runs through the western coast of France into Switzerland then covering parts of Italy on the north, Austria and finally at Slovenia. The mountains are majestic and offer an endless run on the vertical. The marvelous scenery can be looked at with pleasure from the slopes. Skiing from one village to the other is common and is sometimes across countries in some places. The antique villages provide chance to take in some incredible European culture, experience the joy of après and the delightful nightlife, and eat delicious food. In the Alps, it is custom that skiers often stop at bars on their last run of the day still wearing their ski gear. The French habitants in the mountain regions are very friendly, that increases pleasure to the adventurous experience. Massive terrains with steep slopes are found in Chamonix were lies the highest peak of European continent, The Mont Blanc. But in Switzerland, it is mostly about the socializing with people. There are flairs and mountain views with serene villages. The après is not much entertained in Switzerland, but not to worry there’s still nightlife. In Italy the time spent is more on wine and food, but it also adds to the great slopes. Their culture is kind which provides harmony. Austria is the birth place of alpine skiing and it is being practiced to perfection. It offers pleasant holidays which are set as benchmark for all other countries.

European Trips & Tours 2020

Tour to Europe: A Memorable Travel Sojourn

Browse great European City Breaks and holidays. Check the pricing and book online.
Spending holidays in Europe was once considered to be not only a way of perfect enjoyment but also of revisiting history. For most westerners, the world consists of Europe and North America and to a small extent their colonies. That the globe consists of 5 continents is either not known or ignored. True, Europe, apart from being highly industrialized and prosperous is dotted with hundreds of places of historical and mythological interest. It is therefore no wonder that even though there are more attractive places for tourists in the countries of Asia and Africa, Europe has a special attraction. Strangely, this is the case with most Asians and Africans also.
European countries without exception see to it that all their places of tourist interest are well maintained and provided with infrastructure, like accessibility, good hotels, efficient transport system and professional guides. But, it is a very costly endeavor and an average person can visit and spend at best a few days at 3 or 4 select places in one or two countries. Budget tours are possible but they are also quite expensive and become quite crowded. The introduction of Euro seems to have had an adverse effect on the real value of the currencies of different countries.
Tourists generally have two or three types of destination while going on a holiday tour in Europe. The most favored time is between spring and winter, but it will be the most expensive. The less expensive period of winter is more suitable for people who enjoy winter sports and can spend time at ski resorts in the mountains of Europe. The second types of tourist would like to visit cities and see places of historical interest and museum, art galleries. The more sophisticated will opt for enjoying the theatre, music, concerts, and Phil Harmonic Orchestras. As an example, prominent places in a place like London are, Buckingham Palace, The Houses of Parliament, and Hyde Park etc. People visiting Spain and Portugal may like to see bull fight. Similarly Eiffel Tower in Paris is a great attraction for tourists. Elaborate tourist literature from all countries is available and you can plan your holiday tour according to your budget.
Advance planning is essential for any holiday planned in Europe. Booking all air tickets and also buying a Eurail Pass will greatly reduce worries regarding travel. Advance booking of air tickets will also save a lot of money. One good feature of all European tourist centers is that they all have very good economy hotels providing you with clean and safe stay and good food which is not very costly. However, everything should be well planned in advance. It is learnt that in some resorts you can cook your food avoiding expensive foods from outside. For details, see:
After formation of the European Union in which most European countries have common visa called Schengen Visa. This visa enables you to travel within all the countries of Europe without being stopped at the border posts, and is valid, whatever be the mode of your travel. Schengen application is available on line and can be submitted to nearest embassy of any European Union country along with the requisite fee and documents. This process takes at least 3 months, therefore planning well ahead for European holiday tour is essential.

Pictures From Europe 2020

Travel to Denmark

Night attractions in Berlin


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